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Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies – Advisory Board

May 13, 2013


Dear Celebrity Studies Readers,

Hope your week started off well!

Please join me in welcoming the Advisory Board of the Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS)!

As the Founding Director of CMCS, I am honoured to have the presence of committed, dedicated, and ethical team members across the world.

Special thanks to our cross-disciplinary board members Anita Krajnc, Mira Moshe, Louis Massey, Radha Maharaj, Tushar Unadkat, and Yaya Mori for ongoing support and contributions in media, higher education, and social justice.

Gratitude goes to Hidie Shaheen and Ravi Kumar for the opening and design of CMCS.

Thanks to Salvatore Greco at Ryerson University in Toronto and George Marques in Barcelona for inspiration and innovative ideas during the pre-launch and developmental phases of CMCS.

Please visit the official page of the Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies ( for more information.

Looking forward to bringing brand new programs in Fall 2013 / Winter 2014!

Stay tuned for more updates, our inaugural newsletter, and launch event – coming soon!

Samita Nandy


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