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Interview on Celebrities and Journalism

March 6, 2014

Dear Readers, 

After I posted my last blog on Ellen’s ‘selfie’ at the 86th Academy Awards, I had the pleasure to meet Toronto-based journalist Jeanie Tran.  Jeanie organized an interview with me to examine representation of celebrities in journalism.  On behalf of the Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS), I offer interviews, media commentaries, research and training in media and celebrity studies. I also use research and media skills to support students, creative practitioners, and journalists to succeed in ethical ways. What I really liked about Jeanie’s work is her ethical perspectives in journalism and strong grasp of celebrity activism in media and social justice movements.  Her questions were precise, thought-provoking, and well focused.  It was a pleasure to chat with Jeanie and share books such as The Celebrity Culture Reader, Understanding Celebrity, Framing Celebrity, and Stardom: Industry of Desire among many more.

We will look forward to Jeanie’s excellent progress in journalism and ethical representations of celebrities!  More coming up in CMCS premiere event ‘Moving Forward’ at the industREAL arts room (688 Richmond) on Saturday night, March 29.

Samita Nandy

With Jeanie Tran from Masters of Journalism, Ryerson University

With Jeanie Tran from Masters of Journalism, Ryerson University


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