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Critic on the Road

June 22, 2015
Samita Nandy / Louis Massey

                                                                                                  Samita Nandy

What happens when a critic is on the road and a well-known producer calls?

More coming up on my upcoming blog post!

The last 10 days were filled with passionate moments in Toronto, Kingston, and Mississauga. If you are on my Instagram, you will sense how walls move and the stillness of the silence speaks… how nature cannot be stopped and it creeps into our art…

There are basic instincts that creep into one’s fame too. The boundary between the extraordinary and ordinary can be fluid.

Currently I am finalizing my upcoming book chapter on selfies, celebrity and persona. It is exciting to be in the page-proof stage again!

Looking forward to sharing more on books, blogs and fame soon!

Please note that my new twitter handle is @famecritic.  

Photographer: Louis Massey


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One Comment
  1. Sal Greco permalink

    Hi Samita,

    You recent work as Critic on the Road, now qualifies you as a “Roads Scholar”.
    Congratulations. -Sal

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