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Fame and the Cities

September 21, 2015
Fame in Hollywood North at TIFF

Samita Nandy with the newly released ‘Fame in Hollywood North’ at Lategan Media & Pix Ray VFX sponsored TIFF industry party

New York City is like a star. It is either hyped or criticized.

My experience of NYC was nothing like I thought. It wasn’t the mediated version of Sex and the City which, by the way, I adore. I was fortunate to be in the Upper West Side in between Central Park and Riverside Park that was eclectic, charming, calm, and vibrant at the same time.

And it was there that the exciting journey of my debut book Fame in Hollywood North started.

After a pre-launch reading of the book at America’s first conference on celebrity culture, it is now being presented at exclusive media events in Toronto – a city glamorized by stars during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). I received the honour to present the book there as well. See the latest photographs.

With lovely friend & broadcaster Shannon Skinner at CBC for Women in Film & Television (WIFT) sponsored TIFF industry party

The difference between NYC and Toronto?

It is the difference that lies between America and Canada when it comes to stardom.

And with a special chapter on TIFF, Fame in Hollywood North was just a timely release. TIFF recently celebrated its 40th anniversary over a successful 10-day festival that “has become a key launching pad for Hollywood’s award season” (Reuters).

What about Canadian stars and awards? What is the key to success in Canadian celebrity culture?

Read Fame in Hollywood North for the answers!

With Shannon Skinner at CBC for Women in Film & Television (WIFT) sponsored TIFF

With Shannon Skinner at CBC for Women in Film & Television (WIFT) sponsored TIFF industry party

Order your copy of Fame in Hollywood North here.

Special thanks to WaterHill Publishing and Lategan Media.

Pre-book launch signings and readings are now available at exclusive media & arts events only.

Follow my Twitter and Facebook for announcements of the public launch of the book and photographs.

Till then, keep shining!


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