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Stories from La La Land

May 25, 2016

It has been just over 3 weeks since I came back from La La Land, but its stories will continue to fill us. Such is the symbolic power of immortality in Hollywood stardom.

Samita Nandy

Hollywood Blvd.

I am pleased to share that my Celebrity Studies publication and interview for Toronto & Vancouver Sun 24 Hours News have been released  for worldwide readers today. I will never forget the private journeys of writing and speaking on what has been made public. It all started after my talk in Australia and during my travels in the US and Costa Rica. I will also forever remember how my mum’s talent and inspirations in the cultural space of Bollywood has been recognized in 24 Hours.

There is much to embrace and reflect on.


Beverly Hills

At the moment, I am finalizing Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) conference in Spain and reviewing applications for CMCS positions in North America. There are so many talented candidates to evaluate – it will be a tough decision after the application deadline ends on May 31, but looking forward to creating excellent job opportunities. Just 6 days left!

In the meantime, visit the following link for my latest talks. There are more videos coming up, so keep checking and sharing your feedback!

Special thanks to Routledge (Taylor and Francis), Brad Hunter (Sun Media) and Dave Ford (This is 40 Films) for the publications and videos. I am truly proud of their valuable contributions.


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