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Lateral Moves

October 29, 2016


Who decides your worth? Or if you are worthwhile?

Culinary activist Stephanie Gorchynski offers powerful thoughts on making moves to restore worth in life and career.


“Life is now. Back is an illusion. So many these days are making ‘lateral’ moves, wanting different outcomes—to end dissatisfaction, suffering and pain with how things are. To have connection, be connected, ultimately be loved. Longing for more, while sitting on the sidelines instead of in the game. Regardless of how things seem, every move is a step forward. Every choice determines how we experience the world. Every chance meeting, conversation, connection, passing thought that leaves a lingering feeling has information in it to move us forward. We are here to risk, love hard, experience pain, learn from it and grow, risk again—because of love.

Sometimes retreating into safety is necessary, to regain strength to move forward, see what steps we need to take next—discomfort will grow in that safety when it’s time to move on, when lateral just won’t do anymore. Our time spent in ‘safety’ is entirely our choice. Our understanding of it is determined by our attitude to it. Perspective is everything; dive into new experiences, possibilities, opportunities… even if they don’t work, you’ve moved, you’ve learned. Emotion is energy in motion—when “stuck in e-motion” energy is stagnant (pain); movement releases it all. So move when you feel called to it, until moving is all you do; embrace whatever may come, momentum will gather and carry you safely (see the difference)—when you become a person of action, life conspires in our favour, and rises to meet us, bringing all that we need with it”

….and becomes unstoppable.


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