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Air of Silence

May 22, 2017

I am at a loss of words, but wish to fill my air of silence with love that I continue to share with departed ones.

Ever since I lost both parents, leading life has been comparable to climbing a mountain that is hit by waves of an ocean – an ocean of mysterious grief that allows quest and carving rare and unique paths.

All I have to do is keep ‘climbing’ and ‘carving’ those paths that my mother and father envisioned along with me.

I learnt immense will power to do so till the last day of my father’s breath on February 6.  It may appear that there is an air of silence in between us. I was definitely silent here for a while.  But that air is filled with paths that we loved.

Special thanks to those who have supported during this challenging time.

I will be back with more updates on Twitter and Instagram shortly.

– Samita




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One Comment
  1. You are such a beautiful, smart and strong person. I have faith that you can keep “climbing”.

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