Dr Samita Nandy (PhD)

Keynote & Author, Fame in Hollywood North (WaterHill Publishing) | Director, Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS)


Share - Web2 Samita Nandy

With Shannon Skinner at CBC for Women in Film & Television (WIFT) sponsored TIFF


Yahoo! Entertainment, August 2018

Nippon TV (Japan), May 2018

Press Pulse TV (Iran), April 2018

Hamilton Arts & Letters magazine, January 2018

Alcove, January 2018

Preen magazine, Inquirer.Net, November 2017

Plant-Based Nafsika, September 2017

Vice Magazine, August 2017

ANDA Agência de Notícias de Direitos Animais,  June 2017

City TV and London Times, January, 2017

The Political Film Blog, October 2016

Hollywood North Magazine, September 2016

Celebrity Chat, September 2016

Sun Media 24 Hours News, May 2016

Sun Media 24 Hours News, April 2016

Humber News, February 2016

Celebrity Chat, September 2015 (Launched)

Protein, August 2015

Chatelaine, April 2015

Flare, April 2015

Shannon Skinner Live, May 2015

SNAPD Queen’s Edition, October 2014

FUSIA Magazine, September 2014

Urban Television, September 2014

Rogers Television, May 2014

OMNI TV, May 2014

G-ASIA Magazine, May 2014

SUN News Network, January 2014

Scully Love Promo, Canada, December 2013

FUSIA Magazine, Canada, November 2013

SNAP Downtown Toronto, Canada, October 2013

Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF), August 2013

ANOKHI Media, Canada, August 2013

Mississauga News, Canada, August 2013

Rogers Television, Canada, August 2013

Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS), August 2013 (Launched)

Eternity Watch magazine, Canada, 2012

Share magazine, Canada, 2012

CBC late night news, Canada, 2012

SNAP Downtown Toronto, Canada, 2011

Starbuzz Weekly, Canada, 2011

Breaking News CP 24 on CTV, Canada, 2010

Starbuzz Weekly, Canada, 2010

Desi News, Canada, 2010

DesiMag, UK, 2009

Weekly Voice, Canada, 2009

CINA 1650 AM, Canada, 2009

CanIndia, Canada, 2008

Desi News, Canada, 2006

Rivaaj, USA, 2006

Daytime, Rogers Television, Canada, 2006

First Local, Rogers Television, Canada, 2006

Mississauaga News, Canada, 2006

Mississauga News, Canada, 2005

Premiere Cinematic Productions, 2004 (Launched)



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