Dr Samita Nandy (PhD)

Keynote & Author, Fame in Hollywood North (WaterHill Publishing) | Director, Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS)

Publications and Reviews

Samita Nandy


Nandy, S. Nicole Bojko & Kiera Obbard. (2019).  Ethical Glamour and Fashion: Styling & Branding the Persona. Toronto: WaterHill Publishing

Nandy, S and Hilary Wheaton. (2018). “Celebrity Activists: The Value-forms of Persona, Scandal, and Commodities.”  In Nathan Farrell (ed.). The Political Economy of Celebrity Activism. London: Routledge (forthcoming)

Nandy, S. (2017) “Mediating Bieber in Canada: Authenticating Nation in Fame. In Jade Alexander and Katarzyna Bronk (eds.). (Extra)ordinary? The Concept of Authenticity in Celebrity and Fan Studies. Leiden: Brill

Nandy, S. (2016) Book Review: Celebrity & The Media. By Sean Redmond. Palgrave McMillan. Celebrity Studies (forthcoming)

Nandy, S. (2015). “Theatre, Performance, and Memories in Fame.”
Celebrity Studies (Routledge)

Nandy, S. (2015).  Fame in Hollywood North: A Theoretical Guide to Celebrity Cultures in CanadaToronto: WaterHill Publishing

Nandy, S. (2015). “Persona, Celebrities, and Selfies in Social Justice: Authenticity in Celebrity Activism.” In José Ricardo Carvalheiro & Ana Serrano Tellería (Eds). Mobile and Digital Communication: Approaches to Public and Private. Covilhã: LabCom Books

Nandy, S. (2014).  “Emotions in Fame.” In Mira Moshe (ed.), The Emotions Industry.
New York: Nova Publishers

Nandy, S. (2014). “The Inspirational Power of Film Festival Celebrities.”
FUSIA, September 4, 2014

Nandy, S (2013).  “Justin Bieber in Canada: Online Celebrity and National Identity.”
The Performance of Celebrity: Creating, Maintaining and Controlling Fame.
Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press

Nandy, S. (2013). “TAJ Brings Dazzling Light to Canadian Art.” Scully Love Promo,
October 28, 2013.

Nandy, S. (2011).  “From Breakaway to Canada’s Walk of Fame”,
Starbuzz Weekly.  Toronto: Starbuzz Media.  October 2011.

Nandy, S. (2011). “Sampradaya after TAJ”, Starbuzz Weekly.
Toronto: Starbuzz Media.  August  2011.

Nandy, S. (2011)  “The International Dimensions of a North American Idol”,
Starbuzz Weekly.  Toronto: Starbuzz Media.  June 2011.

Nandy, S. (2011).  “The “Starbuzz” of the 2011 International Indian Academy Awards (IIFA),”
Starbuzz Weekly. Toronto: Starbuzz Media.  May 2011.

Nandy, S. (2011).  “From Lisa Ray’s Cooking with Stella to Oscar Nominated
“,  Starbuzz Weekly. Toronto: Starbuzz Media. March 2011.

Nandy, S. (2011). “Royal Fame in Canada: In Conversation with Federal Heritage Minister Dean Del Mastro,”
Starbuzz Weekly.  Toronto: Starbuzz Media.  March 2011.

Nandy, S. (2005 ). “Manan’s Arya is Strong and Original”, Glamsham Enfotainment
Magazine. Mumbai: Fifth Quarter Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. December 2005.

Nandy, S. (2003) “Recreating CN Tower in the Mechanical Age of Reproduction”,
Cultrified.  Toronto: York University Press.  Spring 2003.

Nandy, S. (2002).  “Theorizing Kineticism in Cyberbodies: Embodiment and  Sexuality in the
Technological Culture of Cyberspace” (Abstract).  Canadian Journal of  Communication. April 2002.

Nandy, S. (2000). “More Women Earning University Degree According to Study”,
The Globe and Mail.  Canadian University Press: Winnipeg.  September, 2000.


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